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1.Medium of Instructions:

English will be the medium of instructions and also the medium of examination in all subjects.


Stipend @ Rs.1000/- per month in First year, Rs.1100/- per month in Second year (3rd& 4th Sem.) and Rs.1200/- per month in the Final year (5th& 6th Sem.) tenable for ten months will be paid subject to the following conditions: –

  • The student will be eligible for stipend only when he/she has put in minimum 80% of attendance.
  • The stipend will be admissible/disbursed only after an affidavit in the prescribed form is executed by the student and furnished to the office at the time of joining classes. The format for affidavit under reference will be provided at the time of counseling.
  • The stipend payable to a student is shared on 50:50 bases between Central and State Governments. The state share of the stipend i.e. 50% of the above will be paid only after receipt of the same from the concerned state Government. The state share of the stipend is payable to the students only for the months in which the Central Share of stipend is paid to him/her by this institute.


  • Every student shall attend all classes punctually.
  • Attendance will be taken for every period. The minimum percentage of attendance in theory and practical classes put together required for a candidate to become eligible to appear the examination is 75%. No further condonation of attendance shall be allowed.
  • Loitering in the campus during the study hours and unauthorized absence from the classes shall call for strict disciplinary action and suspension from the Institute.


The student should wear prescribed uniform during study hours in the institute.


Detailed rules regarding examinations will be displayed separately.

6.Students Recreation Club/Institute Cum Welfare Fund :

The committees are constituted every year at the commencement of each academic session that takes care of students’ welfare/recreation. Apart from celebrating the occasions like Independence Day and Republic Day etc., the SRC takes care of providing sports facilities to the students and organizing Annual Sports. ICWF arranges lectures, debates and other literary/cultural activities for the benefit of the students. Subscription fees to SRC & ICWF are as shown in the fee structure and are collected in each semester. Membership to these is mandatory.


The institute has two boys’ and one girls’ hostel having limited numbers of seats. After getting admission in the Institute, the allotment of Hostel accommodation will be done on “First Come First Served” basis. The detailed rules and regulations for the hostel will be given to the inmates at the time of admission. The students who are found violating the rules, misbehaving/misconducts in the hostel will be removed from the hostel. The fee for the hostel is mentioned separately in the table indicating fee structure.

8.Study Tour:

Study tours are arranged for the students during the Course to visit various Textile Mills, Handloom-Manufacturing units, Clusters and Processing plants. No exemption from undertaking these educational tours will be granted and the absence will be treated as absence from the regular classes. The cost of tour will have to be met by the students themselves.

9.General conduct of the students:

  • Students shall maintain absolute silence and order in the Institute at all times. He/She should not loiter in the campus during the study hours.

  • Any student may be sent out, dismissed or debarred from attending classes in the institute temporarily or permanently if in the judgment of Director (I) the candidate is considered to have committed any act of in-discipline or misbehavior such as disobedience of orders, absence without leave, insubordination or disrespect.

  • Full discretion rests with the Director (I) to remove any student from the rolls of the institute who may appear unlikely to be benefitted by the training/course or whose progress is considered un-satisfactory. In case of such removal of a student, he/she will have to refund the entire amount of the stipend paid to him/her during his/her study in the institute.

10. Submission of Affidavits:

The admitted candidates after counseling will be required to deposit following documents /Affidavits in the prescribed format at the time of joining classes :-

  • An affidavit on a non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.100/- duly attested by notary public for refund of stipend. In case of the age of the candidate is less than 18 years, the affidavit will be executed by the parents/guardian and in case of 18 years and above, the affidavit will be executed by the candidate himself/herself.
  • Anti-ragging affidavit by the candidate on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.10/- in the format prescribed by AICTE.
  • Anti-ragging affidavit by the parents/guardian on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.10/- in the format prescribed by AICTE.